A comprehensive system to manage sales opportunities that will bring you many benefits like effective communication with customers and within the company, effective customer relationship management, sophisticated control, elimination of redundant activities and also effective time usage for all employees.

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CRM solution

Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation in your smartphone or tablet.


Creating, processing and sending orders in the mobile app for sales representatives.


Market information - Price monitoring, retail shares, photographic documentation, secondary exposure, competitor activity, questionnaires.


Checking the sales team and other employees.


Planning activities, projects, retail promotions, promotional sale, jobs, routes, targets ...

Decision making

Web portal or mobile application for managers provides input for decision-making process.

Trade Radar can be accessed through a web portal or mobile application. Sales representatives used to daily work mobile app you have installed on your mobile phone or tablet and may also be accessed and web portal, which "sees" only its own customers and your own data. Other users use Trade Radar through a web portal for administration and displaying outputs and reports.


Overview of orders, visited and interviewed customers, sales planning.


Overview of the market, competition and marketing activities.


Financial reports.

Human Resources

Supervise sales team and other employees.

Sales force without worries. The perfect control.

Each visit the customer can see on the map, you can find out whether he had authorized sales agent location detection on your phone / tablet and with what accuracy the position recorded.

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Sophisticated orders. Precise timing.

Orders are transmitted immediately after creation or a few days before the deliveries. Copies of orders may be sent to the business agents, customers, wholesalers, distributors, the headquarters or any combination.

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Simple planning Advanced features.

Tourplans creation, templates routes. Planning each day with a choice of route, timing of the first visit, notes, holidays, or other type of absence.

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Customers View from a new perspective

Clear information about your customer-related activities, create an order, carry out the visits and contacts realized.

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Reliable information Always within reach

View information about the availability of your product on competitor activity or secondary locations are arranged and displayed in a clear structure, with quick, easy searches.

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Finished tasks Step by step to the goal

Assigning tasks to workers, continuous display of performance, fixed completion date.

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Fast communication When the email is not sufficient

Send an Instant Message sales representative - once they dumbbells in your phone / tablet. Check for yourself who the message is received and who read it.

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Effective decision-making Intuition backed up by facts

Trade Radar allows visualization and selective display of facts that needed to act. Simply choose from the available outputs on web portals.

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More time For the boss

Let the system to evaluate and process information, and required time we sent them the email in the form and structure we need.

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More time For sales representatives

Sales representative enter information only once, during fieldwork. Other performance systems - creates and sends weeks, monthly reports and messages sent photos, and much more.

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Even more time For sales representatives

Dealer may not sit for customer visits to your computer in order to calculate how much objedávok created to send the boss pictures of stores that wanted from him, or that announced a daily report.

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